Twinning Meppel – Most

Since the 30th of October 1999 the Dutch city Meppel and the Czech city Most (North-Bohemia) are officially twin cities. In 1997 Rotary Club Meppel initiated a collaboration with Rotary Club Most.  On the 30th of October 1999 the mayors of Meppel, mr. C. Bijl, and Most, J. Šulc, signed an agreement for the twinning of Meppel and Most. The local government of Meppel assigned ‘Foundation Twinning Meppel-Most’ with activities to ensure this twinning. Mayors Mr. Joh. C. Westmaas (Meppel) and Ing. V Voska (Most) endorsed this collaboration by signing a new agreement in Most On the 30th of October 2009. Several exchanges and activities have taken place for sports, music, culture, art, education and government.

Clarification Website

On this website you can find information about how this twinning was constructed and how the activities for Meppel and Most are organised.The page Activities consists of a digital archive listing all activities that took place from the beginning of this twinning. Many pieces have been written in the local newspaper Meppeler Courant. These were also documented on this website. The page Photobook contains shoots and links to several videos from different sources. 

The standard language on this website is Dutch.