From 23 April untill 17 May four students of the Vyšší Odborna Škola in Most had their internship in Meppel.
Pavlina Povova and Nicol Pastyrikova were in nursinghome De Berghorst in Staphorst, David Volf and Kevin Nhat Long Trieu were in the townhall of Meppel.

On this page the students will describe their experiences. (Click on photos to enlarge)

At 24 April we had a welcome-dinner at Herberg “‘ t Plein







We visited Giethoorn with Hetty:

We visited the windmill with Bart and the Meppel Museum with Mieke:

In Amsterdam HarmJan and Mieke guided us to the Dam Square, the Anne Frank house and the experience “This is Holland”. We also made a canaltour by boat:

We went to the Keukenhof with Bart and Janet. We saw there a lot of beautiful flowers:

We had the opportunity to climb the tower of Meppel and see the city from above:

Pavlina and Nicole made a picture in typical Staphorst clothes:

At 17 May we got our certificates from the mayor of Meppel:

Before we had our presentations:

And we made some photos with mayor Korteland before the portrait of king Willem-Alexander:

Personal evaluations:

I am very happy that I got the chance to be a part of this journey. I honestly fell in love with this country and I definitely want to come back one day. Everyone took great care of us and made us feel welcome. Our schedule was really busy and we saw so many interesting places, such as Amsterdam or Giethoorn. I think I proved my English skills and learned so much about the culture here. I also really enjoyed working in Berghorst, because it was so much different. The nurses were really nice to us and even though they didn’t speak that much English, they were trying to talk with us. We were helping with medication and taking care of the patients. Thank you so much for everything.

Pavlina Povova


I ’m grateful that I had the opportunity to be here. This internship brought me so many memories and new experiences. I loved being here in this town with the beautiful nature all around and with the kindest people I’ve ever met. I saw some new things in nurse care and learned new skills. We were helping the nurses with taking care of the clients. The main difference was that the nurses wear only working blouse and in Czech Republic we must wear white uniform with special shoes. Thanks to the internship I’m less shy than I was before, and I improve my English. We visited a lot of interesting places, the place I liked the most was Keukenhof. I’ll never forget this experience and I know that one day I’ll come back. Thank you so much for the wonderful time we could spend in the Netherlands.

Nicol Pastyrikova


My stay in Meppel was really awesome. The nature there was very beautiful. I improved my speaking skills in English and had the chance to meet and talk to a lot of people which was so cool. It was interesting to see how the townhall works in Holland. We’ve been on few meetings and we have seen a former hospital which is now an accommodation for people from Ukraine. We have learned that there is a lot of things that the people in the townhall have to work on and take care of. How various the job is. I have seen so many stunning places. All the people we have met were very kind to us. I am very grateful for this experience. I will surely visit Holland again.

Kevin Nhat Long Trieu


I am very happy to got this chance to be here. I am impressed by the culture in the Netherlands. Everyone is relaxed and friendly. I learned new things that will help me in my future life, for example I am less shy and more communicative. I enjoyed the working in the townhall because me and Kevin visited a few meetings and done  7 interviews, one of them was with the mayor. I realy loved the stay here and I hope that I will visit Holland again.

David Volf