Students 2019

On this page the students of the Vyšší Odborna Škola in Most will describe their experiences in Meppel during their stay from 13 May till 7 June 2019.

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9 February We introduced ourselves at a visit of the Meppel delegation to Most


On Sunday 12.5.2019 we arrived at Meppel’s Inn, where Harm Jan and Wim waited for us,then we stayed and explored the city.

The first thing we were interested in was the big difference between Meppel and Most. Meppel is a quiet, nice city with beautiful nature and the same brick houses.

On Monday 13.5.2019 we picked up our bikes in the morning and in the evening we waited for a welcoming dinner, which ran in a friendly spirit and we learned more about our stay here.Everyone were nice, kind and helpful.







The first day of the internship began on Tuesday 14.5.2019, where Najib introduced us to every department of the town Hall and presented to us some employees who were very willing to help us during our internship. On Thursday evening 16.5.2019 we participated in the city Council, which about Town twinning between the towns of Meppel and Most and other things of Meppel. On Friday 17.5.2019 We and Najib visited several organizations that take care of people who do not work or can not perform a certain kind of work. In these institutions there are many hobby rings for different age categories.

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, we met with Bart for the first time to arrange a tour of the church with a view of the city. In the afternoon we visited the Music festival in Meppel, which took place all day and in the evening we were invited to the concert of The vocal band The Gents.



On Sunday 19.5.2019 about 10 o’clock in the morning Sophie was waiting for us and she  accompanied us to the town of Lisse, where is located Keukenhof gardens. Keukenhof Gardens are one of the largest gardens in Holland, where we can see many unusual types of tulips, but also other flowers.


We are excited and looking forward to the next days and new experiences. 

Dominika and Zuzana


Our internship started on Sunday 12.5.2019, where Harm Jan and Wim waited for us in front of the Meppel´s Inn. Then Harm Jan with Wim showed us the city. Meppel is very nice, quiet city with beautiful nature and houses.

We picked up our bikes on Monday 13.5.2019, then in the evening we had a welcomming dinner, where we were talking about the program of the intership. 

On Tuesday 14.5.2019 we started working in the Berghorst (house for the elderly people), where we met Hermien. Hermien is very friendly and helpful and we are working with her. We are working there from 7:00 to 15:30.

On Thursday 16.5.2019 we were in the Drenthe College and we had five lessons about medicine with some classes. The lessons were in Dutch language but students translated the commentary to English for us. It was really good because the lessons were interesting and students with teachers were very kind, helpful and friendly.

On Saturday 18.5.2019 morning we first met Bart and then we went to the top of the church, so we could see a wonderful view to whole Meppel. Then we are stayed to Meppel Music Festival, which took whole day. In the evening we were invited by Bart to concert of the vocal band The Gents.

Last day of this week (Sunday 19.5.2019) we spent in the Keukenhof. We met Sophie on the trainstation and we went with her to the Keukenhof. Keukenhof is very big garden with beautiful flowers especially with many kind of tulips. After that we went on dinner with Sophie and we enjoyed this evening very much.


We are very happy from these days and we are looking forward for others days spend in Nehterlands!

Markéta and Eliška

On 25.5.2019 we visited Amsterdam with Bart and his wife. We were there twice, because it is a big city with a lot of things what we want to see and what we want to do there. For the first time we saw mainly sights, like Anna Frank house, Dam Square, Rijksmuseum and Musem Madame Tussauds. Next visit we just walked around the city and after we went to shopping.

After Amsterdam 26.5.2019 we visited Giethoorn with Hetty, where we sailed on the river between houses. This village looks likes Venice in Italy. We tried typical Giethoorn cookies, which are really delicious.

The last weekend 2.6.2019 and also our last trip was to The Hague, where we visited Madurodam, where we saw popular monument in Netherlands. After that we went to the beach, where we relaxed and enjoyed the view on the huge wheel.



During our internship we had some interesting interviews with workers in Town Hall. We learned somethings about education, social matters, tourism and organized events and legal advices. We had opportunity to visited police station. During our internship we met girl who study same field like us and she took us to her school. We had presentation on lesson about inheritance law. 

Dominika and Zuzana

On 25.5.2019 we were invited by Bart and his wife to Amsterdam. We visited there Anna frank house, Museum Madame Tussauds, Dam Square and in the ending of our trip we had a dinner in Amsterdam. And we were in the boat trip.


Next day on Sunday 26.5.2019 we visited Giethoorn with Hetty, where we had a boat trip between houses. We tried typical Giethoorn cookies and we had lunch there. Giethoorn is really beutiful village and we enjoyed this trip.

Next Sunday 2.6.2019 we visited the Hague. We visited a centrum of the city and then we went to the beach where we just relaxed and enjoyed our last trip in Netherlands.



During our internship in the Berghorst we learned some new about dressing on the compressive socks and we saw application insulin injection with safety needles. We did the basic nursing care like a washing clients and doing some food and drinks for clients. We assisted Hermien with professional nursing accomplishments.

In the Drenthe College we met new people who are studying the same field and we were in their lessons, for example lessons about first-aid, breathing disease and anatomy of sceleton.

Markéta and Eliška



Personal evaluations

When I arrived to Meppel I was really nervous to speak in English, but now I don’t have fear to speak in English. Everything what I was doing here was really interesting for me and it was important experience for my future life. I spend really nice time here, I had opportunity to travel and get to know new country. I’m glad that I could be there.


I’m grateful that I can participate in program Erasmus+.  Thanks to the stay in Meppel my English is better. In my internship I gained new knowledge about how it goes in another city. I spend beautiful time here. I had opportunity to see some monument and interesting places which I would like to see. I will never forget this experience, it was a great asset to me.


I am glad I could participate in the Erasmus program. Thanks to my internship in Meppel I gained new experience, I improved my english skills, I learned to be freestanding. In Holland we visited a lot of famous places and monuments. Holland is a beautiful country. People are very kind and friendly. I am glad for this experience. I will always be happy to remember my stay in Holland.


When we arrived I was afraid to be in new city and speaking english. Now, I am more self-supporting, responsibly and I improved my english skills. I am very glad for this internship. I gained new experiences of nursing care. Netherlands is amazing country and every people there are very kind, friendly and helpful. Thanks for every trips to another cities. I very enjoyed it! I will remember my amazing stay in Holland.